Penile Implant Successfully Addresses Erectile Dysfunction Issues

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Penile Implant Successfully Addresses Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not necessarily a consequence of age. It can, however, be the result of age-related physical disorders that cause narrowing of blood vessels in the penis. A penile implant is often a good option for men who have already made changes to their lifestyle and diet, considered psychosomatic causes, and tried medications such as Viagra or Cialis. Dr. Perito offers penile implants that can restore full sexual function to men of any age. The penile implant surgery is safe, effective, and discreet and can stop ED in its tracks before it has a further negative impact upon a man’s quality of life. Penile implants and penile implant surgery should be viewed as the last resort for restoring sexual function. It should only be considered when completely noninvasive options have all been exhausted with negative results. That being said, penile implants are extremely safe and effective and have very low failure rate. Dr. Perito’s minimally invasive penile implant surgery offers an expedient recovery and full restoration of sexual function, even if the patient has had ED for many years.

The fact of the matter is that most men experience at least temporary erectile dysfunction at some point in their adult life. The condition only becomes a problem when it begins to affect relationships or the self-esteem of the man with the condition. A healthy lifestyle, which includes avoiding tobacco and maintaining a healthy weight, may help minimize the instances of erectile dysfunction. Penile implants only come into play when the condition is chronic and pharmaceutical intervention is no longer sufficient.

An individual considering penile implant surgery should maintain an open line of communication with his primary care physician. Having an open and honest dialogue about symptoms – even if they do not seem related – may help to pinpoint the cause of the erectile dysfunction. The doctor will need to know specific medications, supplements and vitamins, as well as any herbal remedies that the patient may be using. It’s helpful to take along a spouse or partner to these early doctor appointments as they will have a unique perspective and may offer insight about the issue that the patient, himself, cannot.